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PASS Summit 2010: Spotlight Sessions

Spotlight session speakers have received high ratings and great reviews for previously delivered sessions at PASS Summit. These engaging and highly regarded speakers have been invited back by popular demand for PASS Summit 2010. Topics are subject to change.

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Application and Database Development
BI Platform Architecture, Development and Administration
BI Client Reporting and Delivery Topics
Enterprise Database Administration and Deployment
Professional Development

Application and Database Development 

Agile Database Development with Data Tier Applications (AD-374-S)
Peter Ward (WARDY IT Solutions)

Getting SQL Service Broker Up and Running (AD-269-S)
Denny Cherry (Awareness Technologies)

Identifying and Fixing Performance Problems using Execution Plans (AD-371-S)
Grant Fritchey (FM Global)

Query Tuning Tips (AD-475-S)
Itzik Ben-Gan (Solid Quality Mentors)

Database Design Fundamentals (AD-270-S)
Louis Davidson (CBN)

Building FILESTREAM solutions with SQL Server 2008 (AD-373-S)
Klaus Aschenbrenner (HP)

Tales from the Trenches: GUIDs - Use, Abuse and How to Move Forward (AD-372-S)
Kimberly Tripp (

BI Platform Architecture, Development and Administration 

Monitoring Cube Performance and Usage (BIA-379-S)
Marco Russo (SQLBI)

Enriching the Design of a SQL Server 2008 R2 Analysis Services UDM (BIA-277-S)
Peter Myers (Solid Quality Mentors)

ETL: The Linchpin for the Complete Data Warehouse (BIA-276-S)
Joy Mundy (Kimball Group)

Applied SSIS Design Patterns, Part 2 (BIA-480-S)
Andy Leonard (Molina Medicaid Solutions)

ETL from the Trenches: Using SSIS in the Real World (BIA-378-S)
Dave Fackler (Rolling Hills Enterprises, Inc.)

BI Client Reporting and Delivery Topics 

Business Intelligence in SharePoint 2010 (BID-281-S)
Brian Knight (Pragmatic Works)

Implementing Reporting Services in SharePoint Integrated Mode (BID-382-S)
Chuck Heinzelman (Big Hammer Data)

Enterprise Database Administration and Deployment 

DBA Mythbusters (DBA-285-S)
Paul Randal (

Automated SQL Server Administration with PowerShell (DBA-387-S)
Allen White (Upsearch Technologies Services)

What Happened? Auditing, Tracking, and Change Monitoring Technologies in SQL Server 2008 (DBA-386-S)
Adam Machanic (

Transactional Replication: Beyond The Basics (DBA-390-S)
Kendal Van Dyke (Channel Intelligence, Inc.)

Performance Tuning 202: Symptoms vs Root Cause (DBA-389-S)
Joe Yong (Scalability Experts)

Tracking Waits with Extended Events in SQL Server 2008 (DBA-492-S)
Andrew Kelly (Solid Quality Mentors)

End-to-End Troubleshooting for SQL Server (DBA-391-S)
Kevin Kline (Quest Software)

Virtualization and SAN Basics for DBAs (DBA-283-S)
Brent Ozar (

DMV's as a Shortcut to Procedure Tuning (DBA-388-S)
Grant Fritchey (FM Global)

Seeking SQL Server Secrets (DBA-284-S)
Kalen Delaney (SQLearning)

Professional Development 

You're Not Attractive - But Your Presentations Can Be (PD-193-S)
Brent Ozar (

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