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Embracing the CLR
When you mention CLR does your DBA run screaming from the room? Have you considered using the CLR but are intimidated by .Net and how foreign it seems compared to T-SQL? Have you ever thought that working with strings and dates in T-SQL is needlessly difficult and painful? This session will help demystify CLR integration, show you how to expose basic CLR functionality to your database, demonstrate how to get large performance gains from very little CLR code and give you the information and evidence you need to convince your DBA that the CLR is not inherently evil, and in the right circumstance, is the best solution to a problem.
Inmar Inc.
Data Architect
Kevin Goode is an MCSE, MCSD, and MCDBA. Currently, he is the Senior Data Architect for Inmar Inc. Kevin has over 12 years SQL Server experience starting with 6.5 and 15 years of IT experience. He has worked in many industries including manufacturing, distribution and logistics, financial services, IT outsourcing and has worked for several fortune 500 companies. His specialties include SQL Server development, Performance Tuning, Business Intelligence, and ETL.
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