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So You Inherited The DBA Position; Now What?
The veteran DBA left and your boss decided you should become the new DBA. And now you've come to the Summit to learn everything you can about SQL Server so you can be a great DBA. But where do you start? Which questions should you ask? You don't even know what it is you don't know. This is the session for you! Of course one session can't cover everything, but we'll hit the major areas of SQL Server so you'll at least have a basic understanding of the breadth of SQL Server. We'll discuss correctness, concurrency, maintenance, replication, high availability and disaster recovery, storage, performance, and monitoring. We'll touch on many other areas so you'll at least have heard a bit about them and you'll know to learn more and ask questions on them. It'll take more than just this session to be able to answer your customer's questions, but at least you'll have a chance at understanding the questions, and you'll be able to follow along in some of the other in-depth sessions at the Summit.
Chief Scientist
Don Vilen is Chief Scientist at Buysight in Palo Alto, gaining insight into data to better serve our customers. For the previous 3 years Don was Principal Architect at Scalability Experts, working with SQL Server customers around the world, guiding them through performance, upgrade, migration, and consolidation projects. Prior to November 2007, Don was on the SQL Server team in Redmond, with 13 years of SQL Server experience at Microsoft. For 6 years Don was a Program Manager on the Storage Engine component of SQL Server, focusing on HA and the storage of large objects. For the preceding 4 years Don created and delivered training for Microsoft's SQL Server support engineers worldwide. Prior to joining Microsoft, Don was on the computer science faculty at a California university and was also the VP of Software Dev for a software company.
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PASS Summit 2010
  • Over 160 technical sessions from the world's top SQL Server and BI experts
  • 2 full days of deep-dive Pre- and Post-Conference Seminars
  • Networking with thousands of SQL Server MVPs, experts, Microsoft employees, and peers
  • Face-to-face support with the Microsoft CSS and SQLCAT teams
  • Ask the Experts Lounge
  • And much more!

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