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Help! I’m a new DBA, Where Do I Start?!
You've always wanted to get promoted into the DBA position. The good news is you got it - the bad news is you have no idea what to do first. What's important, what's not a big deal, and what can get you fired if you're not careful? If your answer wasn’t, “update my resume”, then this session is a good start. We’ll chat about a natural priority for the overwhelming flood waiting in our offices. By focusing on a few words ending in “ity” we’ll realize what is most important. Through the interaction, examples and demos you’ll leave feeling ready to attack your environment. Be warned – along the way to knowing where to start, you may get that feeling in your stomach that makes you logon to the VPN to check a few things out.
Sr. SQL Systems Consultant
Mike is an experienced SQL Server professional and has worked with SQL Server for over ten years. He has performed the duties of Database Administrator, Developer, Architect and Performance Team Lead but always leans on his DBA experience in each role. Mike is working for a Microsoft Solutions Provider in Portland Maine, Winxnet as a Sr. SQL Server Systems Consultant. He is the president and co-founder of the Seacoast SQL Server Users Group in Portsmouth, NH; he blogs at and contributes to community projects like SQL University.
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PASS Summit 2010
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