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SQL Server Mission-Critical: High-Availability
This one-day 300-level seminar provides students with the knowledge to help manage their highly-available Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database server deployment. Some of the High-availability topics covered include: Failover Clustering Configuration and Management (including geographically dispersed failover clustering and storage replication), Implementing Database Mirroring, Peer-to-peer Replication, Configuring Log Shipping to maintain a warm standby server, Managing SQL08 R2 Replication, Managing Scalable Shared Databases, Performing Online Index Maintenance and Recovering from user errors. This seminar presents various demos and highlights key topics to ensure that the students understand the considerations for the various high-availability solutions available with Microsoft SQL Server 2008. Learn from the best: this content was developed by Scalability Experts, who are well-renowned for their enterprise SQL Server consulting services.
Scalability Experts
For over seven years Larry Chesnut has been an architect at Scalability Experts, Inc. His consulting engagements have involved many different industries and span both national as well as international customers. He has over 12 years of experience with SQL Server, starting with version 6.5. Before joining Scalability Experts he was a support specialist with Microsoft Developer Support (PSS) for SQL Server for over 5 years. While at Scalability Experts, he has delivered talks at conferences and workshops involving the upgrading, consolidation, scalability, capacity planning, load\stress testing, and high availability of SQL Server. When Scalability Experts was chosen as an Expert Content Providers (ECP) to develop and deliver training around the world for SQL Server 2005 Database Infrastructure course, Larry was on site with Microsoft for months working to develop the content. Afterwards, he traveled around the world twice over conducting SQL Server 2005 and later SQL Server 2008 Application Compatibility labs for ISV’s on behalf of Microsoft.
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