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Performance Tuning 202: Symptoms vs Root Cause
Taken performance tuning 101? Know the common stuff like Perfmon, SQL Trace and getting used to DMVs? Even impressed friends and family with (mostly correct) explanations of a few of the several hundred waitstats but still feel something is missing? Feel like Groundhog Day at work, solving the same performance problems day after day? Performance tuning is a tough subject. Many experts charge lots of money to perform tasks that either make no sense or look so easy you think your pet Capuchin monkey can do it. The results are almost as varied as the methods. A few work great, others leave the system with more problems than before they started. What next? This session will dissect some real life performance tuning cases and identify common mistakes, why some remedies actually work while others fizzle after a while and why some solutions end up creating more problems. Most of all, we will learn to identify and fix root causes and instead of chasing symptoms endlessly.
Microsoft Corp.
Senior Program Manager
A "database guy" of almost 20 years, Joe Yong has worked on 10KB dBase III+ running on the PC/AT to over 10TB SQL Servers on the smokin' hot DL980G7. Having cut his database teeth on Oracle, Joe then spent almost a decade working for Microsoft, both with the SQL Server product group in Redmond and in the field with customers and partners designing, deploying and managing large data management systems. His inexplicable need to be in the trenches lead him to an almost 6-year stint with Scalability Experts as Chief Architect where he served as the technical lead for major projects that involve scalability, availability, consolidation, virtualization and migration. He was also the lead architect for the design and development of content, methodology and tools for the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 upgrade and application compatibility testing program. Joe is now back in Microsoft as a senior program manager in the SQL Server product group working on a new project where he's been told not to talk about. When not gesturing at poorly designed/managed database systems, Joe can be found tearing new holes on his favorite 5.10 Anasazi shoes, exploring the countless mountain trails in Washington or figuring out how execute the perfect drift.
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